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Hello dear European friends of gyroplanes, I think I have flown almost all known products of this type around the world. The current tendency to increase „comfort” and thus weight and engine power is completely wrong. 15.06. In 2020, I flew Nano after a short training. It’s unbelievable how safe and stable its flight behavior is. In my opinion, his concept is what the market needs right now, I congratulate her. Everything is fine. Operation is easy. All controls are on the stick. Prerotation via mechanical clutch in combination with hydraulics works safely. Despite my 1.90 m and 95 kg, the flight behavior was safe and confident. I took over the representation of Nano and I already have my first clients. As a flight instructor, I will be happy to undertake flight training on Nano after appropriate initial training on a larger gyrocopter.

Barbara Ambar
UAGP pilot

NANO – first impression: simple, austere design, no frills and fancy instrumentation. An air scooter that is supposed to ensure the joy of being in the air, not a limousine for heavy money. The method of transport, hangar […], preparation for flight – simplified to the maximum and very user-friendly. Such a „black pearl” and at the same time unique among modern constructions. You could say – a minimalist approach in the autogyro version! The first fittings, taxiing, pre-rotation, acceleration … and you can already feel the „wind in your hair”, or rather the air passing freely. […] For those for whom it will be the first contact with aviation, a bit of theoretical knowledge will also be useful – aviation law, moving in airspace, and the very principle of operation of a gyrocopter (rotator). All this is provided by the manufacturer before purchasing NANO. We do not get into NANO, but „dress” it as if we were putting on wings and becoming birds. […]

Wiesław Jedynak

When I first heard about the new Polish construction of the JK-2 Nano, it immediately aroused my interest. Why? I am a big fan of lightweight flying devices. […] I am a professional pilot, I have been flying for forty years, mostly on large passenger planes. […] So, I’m not a pilot without any experience in flying on rotorcraft, but first of all it was a very long time ago and secondly it was my first flight on a gyrocopter. […] Piloting the Nano is quite natural for an airplane pilot, so after the first take-off, the rest of the flight was just great fun. Nano reacts perfectly to the rudders, the forces are not too high. […] These flights, on my example, showed that a pilot, even without training in rotorcraft flights, can safely fly on Nano. I follow the development of the Nano project with great attention.


First place at Bensen Days in Florida
March 22-25, 2023

Bensen Days is the gold of gyroplane lovers. This year Florida brings together aviation enthusiasts, gyrocopter flight instructors (CFIs) and designated pilot examiners (DPEs) who can conduct flight training and tests.

This year we are enjoying the interest in the Bensen Days Rotorcraft Event for free Wauchula (CHN) in Wauchula, Florida, where we returned with the first prize! Bensen Days is truly a "world class" event. One of the known and different of its kind in the world.